Amazon Mastercard Credit Card - How to Order Online

If you're considering a new credit card, the Amazon Mastercard offers a blend of versatility and rewards that could suit your online shopping habits. This article will guide you through effortlessly and securely ordering it online. 


We'll cover the steps to apply, the eligibility criteria, and the perks you stand to gain. By the end, you'll have all the information needed to make an informed decision and enjoy your new card's benefits.

Amazon Mastercard Overview 

The Amazon Mastercard is a flexible financial tool that enhances your online and in-store shopping experience. With its rewards program, you can earn back a percentage of your purchases at, Whole Foods Market, and other locations. 


After the introductory period, the card continues to offer value through its tiered rewards system. Prime members enjoy increased benefits, making it an excellent option for frequent Amazon shoppers. 

It also extends rewards to purchases made outside of Amazon, providing comprehensive coverage of your spending. This card is a robust option for anyone looking to maximize purchasing power.


Card Features

The Amazon Mastercard is packed with features to optimize your spending and saving. Let's delve into what makes this card beneficial for its users.

  • 1.5% back: Earn 1.5% back on eligible purchases at and Whole Foods Market after the welcome offer. Prime members increase this to 2.5% back.
  • 1% back on foreign transactions: Helps cover transaction fees when traveling or shopping abroad, with Prime members enjoying 2.5% back.
  • 1% back on other purchases: Earn rewards on everyday spending wherever Mastercard is accepted, from gas stations to groceries.

Eligibility Criteria 

It requires applicants to meet specific credit and income standards. To qualify, you must have a satisfactory credit score, typically considered fair or better. 

Your income level also plays a crucial role in the application process, ensuring you can manage credit effectively. Lenders use these criteria to gauge your financial stability and reliability as a borrower.

Credit Requirements 

Your credit score is vital when applying. Most card issuers look for a history of responsible credit use and a certain score threshold, which often aligns with the industry standard for "good" credit. 

Your existing debts and financial obligations are also considered to ensure you can handle additional credit. Checking and possibly improving your credit score before applying is essential to increasing your chances of approval.

Online Application

Applying for the Amazon Mastercard online is straightforward and secure. Here’s how you can start leveraging its benefits without delay.

Step-By-Step Application Guide

This guide provides a detailed walkthrough for applying for the card online. Follow these steps carefully to navigate the application process smoothly.

  • Visit the official site: Navigate to the Amazon or affiliated bank's website dedicated to credit card services.
  • Find the card: Locate the Amazon Mastercard section under the credit cards category.
  • Start the application: Click the 'Apply Now' button to begin your application process.
  • Enter your details: Fill in your personal and financial information as prompted.
  • Submit documentation: Upload any required documents, such as proof of identity and income.
  • Review and submit: Double-check all the information for accuracy before submitting your application.

Application Tips

Here are some essential tips to ensure your application for the card is error-free and successful. Follow these guidelines to enhance your chances of approval.

  • Read all requirements: Ensure you meet all eligibility criteria before starting your application.
  • Accurate information: Provide exact details per your official documents to avoid discrepancies.
  • Double-check entries: Review each field carefully to ensure all information is correct.
  • Use the latest documents: Upload the most recent documents for income and residence verification.

Interest and Fees

Understanding the interest rates and fees associated with the Amazon Mastercard is crucial for managing your finances effectively. Here’s what you need to know about the costs of using this card.

Interest Rates 

Amazon Mastercard charges an interest rate of 19.99% on purchases, similar to many consumer credit cards. The rate increases to 22.99% for cash advances in most provinces, except Quebec, which is slightly lower at 20.99%

Balance transfers also carry 22.99%, or 20.99%, in Quebec, depending on your location. These rates highlight the importance of paying your balance in full each month to avoid significant charges.

Managing Your Account Online

Managing your Amazon Mastercard account online is both efficient and user-friendly. Here’s how to keep track of your finances and card usage with ease.

Online Account Management 

You can manage your Amazon Mastercard effectively through the card's dedicated online portal. This platform lets you view statements, track card activity, and update personal details securely. 

Setting up automatic payments is straightforward, ensuring you never miss a deadline. The portal also offers customizable alerts to inform you about significant account activities.

Monitoring and Managing Your Card

Monitoring and managing your card online is crucial for maintaining financial health and avoiding surprises. Here's how:

  • View transactions: Regularly check your account to stay updated on all charges and credits.
  • Pay bills: Set up online payments for your monthly bill to ensure timely payments and avoid late fees.
  • Check balances: Monitor your balance and available credit to manage your spending effectively.
  • Set alerts: Customize alerts for transactions, payment due dates, and spending limits to maintain better control over your account.

Bank Contact Information

Customer support is readily available if you need assistance or have questions about your Amazon Mastercard. Here’s how to reach out.

Customer Support Details 

If you have any inquiries or issues with your Amazon Mastercard, contact customer support at 1-800-346-5538. The customer service team is equipped to handle everything from billing questions to account management issues. 

You can mail correspondence to Synchrony Bank / Amazon at P.O. Box 960013, Orlando, FL 32896-0013. This contact information ensures you can always reach support when you need it.

Disclaimer: Please note that the terms and conditions of the Amazon Mastercard, including fees and interest rates, are subject to change. Always check the latest details directly on the bank's website or contact customer support for the most accurate information.

The Final Verdict: How to Order the Amazon Mastercard Online?

Ordering the Amazon Mastercard online is straightforward and can significantly enhance your shopping experience. Following the steps outlined, you can quickly apply for and enjoy your new card's benefits. 

Managing your account online further simplifies tracking and controlling your spending. Remember, keeping abreast of the latest terms and changes is crucial to maximize the benefits of your Amazon Mastercard. For more details on how to order online, visit the card's official webpage or contact customer support.